Deadzone Containment Protocols - 1 - Need to Know


Need to Know

Story by Jake Thornton, Adapted by Greg D Smith

Deadzone is the kind of game that invites stories. It’s tight focus on one small corner of the Warpath universe and skirmish level of gaming means that it invites narrative about the various factions and their heroes. What we have here are ten examples of those stories, chronicling the adventures of various factions from the no-nonsense Enforcers to the piratical Marauders, with idealistic Rebs and wise Asterians thrown in for good measure. Heck, we even managed to get the Plague in there for all you players who just can’t get enough gribbly. As the game inspires stories, you will find that these stories inspire your games. The cinematic nature of the game itself means that you can’t help but visualise each one as a scenario played out across a tabletop. That’s what the best games are about after all.


Andrew "Coach" Jashyn, Jack Fyke, Janet Wasson and Rob Harper

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