Deadzone The Podcast 108.0 - Once More With Feeling

Welcome to Episode 108 of Deadzone the Podcast.  In this episode due to a technical snafu, our original episode recording was missing some audio (namely anything Rick said XD)  Thankfully we took some notes and do a deep dive on theming in terms of painting, list building and playing.  We also have a new little segment highlighting DreadBall teams!

Stay safe everyone!

Bryan's Mazon Lab Zeta Gundam Titan theme


And Bryan's Star Saga Mercs with a Star Wars theme


  • Curby as BB-8
  • Ogan as Rex
  • Alyse as Shaak-ti
  • Wrath as Maul
  • Erika as Jyn Erso
  • The Devil as Boba Fett

Music "Neon Drive" by Tabletop Audio

Big shout out to Rob and Jack for putting together an awesome show and to Rob Phaneuf from Counter Charge for help with the technical side!



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