DZtP News Flash Nov 20/17



Ben has released the info for the first Community Prize for the Pit Deadzone League! 


This is the prize:


To enter, respond with a comment on the post in the Deadzone Fanatics Group (  predicting the of the seven games in Round 4. The winner will have the most correct game outcomes. The deadline for entry is SUNDAY 3RD DECEMBER

Round 4 will be Search & Destroy at 150pts with only Leaders, Troops & Specialists, 16VPs to win. And now on to the match-ups!

Ben Edwards - Forge Fathers VS Richard Gill - The Plague

Tony Strongman - Enforcers VS Mike Morris - Enforcers

Matt Ramsden - Veer-Myn VS Tim Merrill - GCPS

Reece Walker - Rebs VS Robert Roland Wills - Marauders

James Ramsden - The Plague VS Colin Jackson - Forge Fathers

Aaron Newvell - The Plague VS Shane Watts - Enforcers

Matthew Mountain - Asterians VS Niall O'Grady - Forge Fathers

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